Agriculture Showground
An open showground of beautifully-decorated walkways covered with vegetables and fruits hanging from pergolas as well as a green house area displaying various types of vegetables under fertigation and hydroponic system. Come experience vegetables forming and feel the fresh greens naturally.

An educational showground where the mind expands the soul is nourished. At 'Laman Herba', you can meet and become familiar with over 150 herbs and spices that contain medicinal value, colours and scent. Planted within a beautiful landscape, it provides a therapeutic effect to visitors. Come for a life enriching transformation on herbs at this showground.

A gallery, an information centre and small-scale field planting under different stages of growth for visitors to experience the bendang panoramic view. Enrich yourself with all the facts & knowledge on Padi culture and its various types. See, learn and feel nature at its best.

Comprises a small, planted area to showcase different species of pineapple including Josapine, Mas Merah, N36, Bromeliad and an Information Centre with exhibition space to complement related activities. Visitors may walk through the field for pineapple picking.


A landscape garden with characteristics of Malay and Oriental Fragrance amid ample space to hold outdoor activities such as private parties, weddings and competitions. Be spellbound amidst the flora and fauna of this showground.


A collection of fish from various species such as Catfish and Tongsan under natural lake settings, and ornamental species such as Arowana in an aquarium. Be amongst fishes at this showground and enjoy the graceful movements of the fishes.


A showground for livestock display, animal auction and other related events, complete with an open arena for rodeo and horse riding. Enjoy the natural area and surrounding where agricultural setting is at its best.


Explore and experience hands-on the various agricultural machinery and equipment and its application for tillage, havesting, seeding, transplanting and many others.


A display of culture, history, architecture, agricultural and agro-businesses to project different practices and traditions. The area consists of thirteen state-themed pavilions and one Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) building.